Our Vision

Optimised land use; enhancing the natural environment for ecological longevity and financial sustainability.

The 100 year Plan

Utilising the potential of the land to create environmental self sustainability- for community and generations to come.


Tree Plan Commenced



Lifestyle Retreat Commenced

Electricity Generation Commenced



Spray Free 

Deer Park Development Commenced




Full Deer Park

We aim to create a self sustainable business environment; a place that weaves fun into the lives of all who live/work within it.

A place that people want to live/work within, a place that meets their needs in a safe, healthy, secure, way.

Future Projects

Extended Accommodation

Modern eco-housing blended with the natural environment, the Extended Accommodation project will be a self-sufficient lifestyle retreat. It’ll feature stylish recreational facilities, river access, and extensive walking and mountain biking trails.


Tree Plan

Known as the Food Forest, this horticultural project will commercially provide an alternative plant based food source. The project will be commercially productive within thirty years, planning will be completed in the next two years.


Electricity Generation

We envision a sustainable future- where farm operations are powered by renewable energy. Electricity generation will support the Extended Accommodation project, and fencing/water systems on the farm itself.

Business Enquiries

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027 303 8956




1142c Mokai Road, Taihape,

4793, New Zealand